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How does your flag measure up?

Title 4 of the United States Code describes the specifications of the OFFICIAL United States Flag and yet up until now there have been no OFFICIAL flags made available to the citizens of our country!

There is no President of "America", or "American" Congress, or "American" Senate or even a country called "America"!

Our country is called "The United States" which happens to be located on the continent of North "America".

We pledge our allegiance to the "United States"....of America!

If the U.S. Code defines the specific design of the official U.S. Flag, then what statement are we making when we fly a flag that does not represent our country...the United States??

Check your flag and see how it measures up!

This is NOT an official "Title 4 Flag". Note the dimensions of this flag, particularly the length of the red and white stripes in relation to the star field.  This is the Official "Title 4 Flag" Note that the red and white stripes are longer than in the unofficial flag. Also notice the spacing of the stars in the star field of the Title 4 flag.

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