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Chick Magic Fertilizer - Nature's All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

All-purpose 5-3-2 Organic fertilizer is formulated for all plants in your lawn and garden. A premium organic plant food with natural phosphorus providing vigorous vegetative growth while producing abundant vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Recommended Potted Plant application: Mix one part CHICK MAGIC organic fertilizer into twenty parts of soil mix.

Recommended Tree and Shrub Application: Before planting new seeds and transplants, mix one-half pound of organic fertilizer per foot of plant height (or width) into the backfill. After planting, top dress using the same rate, or
four pounds per hundred square feet (4 lbs./100 sq.ft) of area to the drip line. Apply in spring and fall.

CHICK MAGIC is processed with the highest quality standards using pure chicken manure. CHICK MAGIC organic fertilizer is processed at high temperatures which eliminate pathogens of human concern, like E. coli and salmonella.

List Price: $11.99 + S&H
SKU: Chick_Magic_Fertilizer
Weight: 5 lbs.


Chick Magic Plant Food for Roses and Flowering Shrubs - Organic

Rose 3-6-3 is formulated for all varieties of rose plants and most other flowers as well. Roses: European,
Re-Blooming, Western Shrub, And Other Classes! Flowing Shrubs: Lilac, Forsythia, Butterfly Bush, Hibiscus, Spirea,
Weigela, And Many More!

List Price: $11.99 + S&H
SKU: Chick_Magic_Rose_Food
Weight: 5 lbs.


Chick Magic Organic Plant Food for tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, and berries

Organic Plant Food for tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, and berries.
Tomato 3-6-6 is formulated for all tomato varieties, vegetables, fruits, and berries. Ideal for peppers, onions,
squashes, apples, berries, melons.

List Price: $11.99 + S&H
SKU: Chick_Magic_Tomatoes_Vegetables_Fruits
Weight: 5 lbs.


Chick Magic Organic Plant Food for Leafy_Vegetables - lettuce, herbs, broccoli, and more.

Leafy-Vegetable 5-3-2 is formulated for all leafy vegetables. Ideal for: Herbs, Lettuce, Broccoli, Cabbage, And more!

List Price: $11.99 + S&H
SKU: Chick_Magic_Leafy_Vegetables
Weight: 5 lbs.









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