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Redfern Products II


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$375.00 + S&H

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Now Includes The below items:
* Cotton Eye Probe
* Ear Clip

We are proud to announce the launch of the brand new model of our famous HealthPoint™ Essential Micro current Stimulation

Tried and tested over many years, the HealthPoint now has many improved features to make it even easier for you to gain all the benefits of top class acupuncture, without needles.

• Compact, solid design
• New stainless steel, easy clean finger grip
• All leads included - Gold Probe, Auricular Clips for stress management and Cotton Bud Probe for eye treatment
• Secure fittings for lead and battery
• Easy to treat other people and animals just with the tip of the machine
• All controls recessed to avoid inadvertent movement and clearly visible in use

HealthPoint Kit is supplied complete with 160 Condition Treatment Manual, HealthPoint Treatment Device, Training Video, Remote Treatment Probe, Quick start Guide, and Vinyl Case.

Cotton Bud Probe

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Ear Clip

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