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KeyStove LX
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KeyStove LX

It makes "BIOCHAR"...

• Clean burning, no smoke, little flame
• High efficiency, saves char, carbon negative
• Operates reliably on hardwood pellets, chips, wheat straw, corn stover, cobs, brushpile stompage, dried biomass fuels
• Easy packing, under 4 pounds
• 4" chimney for easy duct connections
• Easy T-post mount at working height
• Durable stainless steel combustion chamber

"Most useful food preparation tool was a small stove. A real stove required too much firewood to get hot to prepare something"
-- Selco-Bosnia

Besides no visible smoke and little or no odor, a properly operating TLUD such as the KeyStove LX improves upon current proposed indoor air standards for clean cooking.
*Standard operation of KeyStove LX is a "TLUD Saving Biochar", the lowest emissions on the chart.

List Price: $110.00 plus $15 S&H

Now in stock....Call The Power Mall at 1-877-817-9829 to purchase.











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