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The HAZARiD Kits provide an additional NPI that decontaminates virtually any area or object. Surfaces or areas could be treated as often as desired.

Comprehensive Solutions For Infectious Disease AND Unsurpassed Odor, Mold, Allergen Control

HAZARiD Kits take “State of the Art” disinfectant technology and combine it with an extremely User Friendly application system. It creates a gentle fog that can be focused to get into hard to reach areas. These kits also include additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies needed for a complete decontamination program for virtually All surface types.

Sanifect 128 will arrive in a highly concentrated form and is to be diluted with water at a rate of 1 ounce per gallon (for most applications). This kit contains enough product to make up to 32 Gallons which could treat dozens of buildings, hundreds of vehicles or thousands of smaller application jobs. Always read and follow product label instructions.

List Price: $329.00 + $27.50 S&H








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