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WaveShield™ Thinnest Shield/Best Protection

The WaveShield 1000 and WaveShield 1000 SLIM features a soft comfort cushion design, about the size of a penny that adheres to the ear piece of any cellular phone and acts as a cellular protection system.
• Fits all phone styles
• Attaches in seconds
• Thinnest model
• Same protection as earlier, larger shields
• Will not affect reception



WaveShield 1000
List Price: $19.95
+ S&H

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WaveShield 1000 SLIM

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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WaveShield™ 3000 Series

New for Cordless Phones 900 MHz or more!

This compact display holds 36 pieces and features contemporary professional graphics. The package is designed to present the product on a cordless phone. Our 3000 series counter merchandiser is beautifully designed with a dynamic header card and is perfectly at home on any counter top or gives you the option to peg the packages as open stock. Protect your family from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Exclusively from WaveShield.
• Dynamic Attractive Packaging
• Proven & Tested
• Fits Any Cordless Phone
• Comfort Design
• Will Not Affect Reception
• Attaches in Seconds
• Perfect Unisex Gift Solution
The vast majority of electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellular and cordless phones comes from the antenna and parts of the phone other than the ear piece. Wave shield products have no effect on this electromagnetic energy. They may reduce the strength of electromagnetic-field emissions from cell phone ear pieces by as much as 50-97% depending on the cell phone model.

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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