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Water Test Kit

Drinking Water Test Kit

"Exclusive" kits made just for The Power Hour

Tests included in kit:

1. Bacteria test for coliform and e-coli. Total coliform bacteria are a collection of relatively harmless microorganisms that live in large numbers in the intestines of man and warm and cold-blooded animals. They aid in the digestion of food. A specific subgroup of this collection is the fecal coliform bacteria, the most common member being Escherichia coli (E.coli).

2. Pesticides Ingestion and inhalation can damage internal organs, cause cancer, and eventually cause death

3. Chloride to check levels of salt in your water. It is important to know if tidal water or wells near the sea are brackish. Brackish water can also be caused from a water softener not operating properly.

4. Lead causes neurological and kidney damage. We use an immunoassay strip to determine lead content in your water. Tests for 15 ppb EPA limit. Lead is possible in homes built prior to 1986, lead solder was used in plumbing.

5. Nitrates Serious for infants. Has been linked to "blue baby"syndrome.

6. Nitrites From human and animal waste. Nitrates and nitrites are byproducts of biological decay and Nitrogen decomposition. Nitrates and Nitrites can lead to infant mortality, adult illness, and dead aquatic life.

7. Chlorine by-products can increase cancer risk, bad taste, and smell.

8. Hardness Calcium and Magnesium are naturally occurring minerals responsible for water hardness.

9. PH can cause heavy metal (lead) leaching.

10. Hydrogen Sulfide Is a flammable, poisonous gas that can sometimes have a characteristic rotten egg smell. Hydrogen Sulfide is evolved from numerous environmental sources such as bacterial decomposition of vegetable and animal material. A must test for anyone especially if you have well water.

11. Heavy Metals, is a valuable screening tool to determine the level of metals in your water supply.

Drinking Water Test Kit

List Price:
$49.95 Plus S&H






Arsenic Test Kit

This kit will do the test two times. Check either two water supplies or test after you have problem resolved to make sure no more arsenic in water.

List Price: $34.95 + S&H










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