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Nature-Kleen Machine

Nature-Kleen Ozone Machine Breaks down residual traces of toxic agriculture chemicals and pathogens on fruits and vegetables. Kills bacteria on meat, fish and poultry.

The Nature Kleen Water Sanitizer unit is great for cleaning foods like fruits, vegetables and poultry and will double the shelf life. It not only breaks down residual traces of toxic chemicals and pathogens but also kills bacteria and viruses on fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, seafood and poultry (not recommended for ground beef). It is a low cost, safe, portable and energy efficient water sanitation system.

How To Use:

1. Fill a Container with Tap Water.
2. Connect Tubing to the Nature-Kleen "Ozone Hose Connector".
3. Plug it "IN" and turn it "ON".
4. Place your Fruits and Vegetables (or Meat, Fish, Poultry etc.) into the Water. Within a few minutes the Foods will be 99.9% clean from harmful contaminants.

Output: 200 mg./hr.
Concentration: 3.5 mcg./ml.
Flow Rate: 1.25 L./M.
Dimensions: 3" X 5" X 9.5"
Weight: . Electrical: 120 V. 2.0 A. 15 W.

List Price $225.00 plus $20.00 S&H



"Purify Your Immediate Breathing Zone"
Wearable Air Purifier Lets You Breath Cleaner, Fresher Air - Wherever You Go.

Put neck cord around neck or attach clasp to shirt pocket with vent facing upward. Unit should be located approximately 6-8 inches from face.

Personal air purifier silently directs cleaner, fresher air toward your mouth and nose.
Creates a "personal comfort zone" in any environment.
Reduces your exposure to contaminants and allergens.
Six month warranty

Small size: (W) 2.25" X (L). 75" X (H) 2.75".
Light Weight: 3 ounces.
Runs on two (2) AAA Batteries (not included)
Neck cord and Clip.
Negative Ion Density: One (1) million
Ozone output: Less than .028 parts per million.

List Price: $35.00 + S&H


Car Air Purifier Model-100

*Working Voltage: DC12V
*Power Consumption: 0.30 W (Will not run down car battery)
*Negative Ions Concentration: 60,000 Ions/cm3
*Ozone Concentration: 0.03 ppm
*Measurements: Diameter 1 ¼" / Length 3 7/8"
*Weight: 1.7 oz
Six month warranty

Provides Fresh Air
Neutralizes Carbon Monoxide
Removes Tobacco Smell
Eliminates Bacteria & Pollen

List Price: $35.00 + S&H


Travel Kleen Water Sanitizer

The Travel Kleen Water Sanitizer will purify and help produce natural clean water. This unit will break down residual trace amounts of toxic chemicals and pathogens found in water and on your fruits and vegetables. The Travel Kleen Water Sanitizer will give you the ability to sanitize the water used to brush your teeth and clean foods wherever you go. The Travel Kleen Water Sanitizer is compact and easy to take with you in your car, on your travels, or even camping. This unit is small enough to store in your RV or boat.


•To protect against risk of electric shock and personal injury, do not place cord, plugs or the unit near water or any other liquid.
•Do not operate this unit if it has a damaged cord or plug, or after a malfunction.
•Do not place the unit near an open flame.
•Do not try to repair the unit yourself. Only qualified service personnel should service this unit and your warranty will be voided if you open the unit.

After unpacking your unit, simply complete the following:
Tubing Affix one end of the tubing to the stainless steel output connector, by sliding the tube over the output connector.
Check valve Cut the tubing 6 inches from the connector and insert the check valve with the arrow pointing away from the unit. The purpose of this one way check valve is to eliminate potential back-flow of water into the unit.
Diffuser Stone Connect the diffuser stone to the other end of the tubing (where the check valve is not connected). Before, using the unit for the first time; blow air through the open end of the tubing (with the diffuser stone connected) to ensure a good airflow. Now connect the open end of the tubing to the check valve.

•(1) Travel Kleen water sanitizer
•(1) 3 feet tubing
•(1) Cylinder diffuser stone
•(1) Check valve
•(1) 120V AC to 12V DC wall adapter
•(1) 12V DC car adapter


•Power: 12V DC, 426mA unit
•Internal 12V air pump
•Ozone concentration: 80mg/hr
•Dimensions: (L) 5⅛" (W) 4¼" (H) 1¾"
•Weight: 1.04 lbs.

•One year

List Price: $90.00 + S&H










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