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Organosil G5 Gel, 100ml

Organsil gel is our direct application product. It has been used by beauticians and athletes the world over.  Very good for personal use to help restore skin and support tired joints.  A foundational nutrient used by the body to help support cell integrity, structure and strength.
The largest organ of the body is the dermis or (skin).  It is mostly made up of collagen, collagen is the main component of connective tissue. It is the most abundant protein in mammals, mostly found in tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin. It is also abundant in corneas, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, the gut, intervertebral discs and the dentin in teeth. Collagen is also the major component of muscle tissue. It has been shown through studies worldwide that silica is derictly involved in the synthesis of collagen by the body.  
When our collagen is healthly it's ability to retain moisture and transmit fluids is high.  This permits the cells to function properly, supporting their ability to sustain shape, strength and structure, thus allowing the prevention of unnecessary premature aging. Wrinkles can be compared to a balloon that is slowly leaking. First it's shape starts to change and then it begins to fold in on itself, thus causing "wrinkles" to appear on the surface "skin" of the balloon. Studies again have shown that when the body is deficient in silica it cannot properly maintain balanced skin elasticity and all the supportive functions needed for strong bones, hair, flexible muscles and vibrant skin.

Organsil gel was formulated with all of these things in mind. It is a high concentration of organic silicon that is transparent and odorless .  It is applied directly to the area that needs support and gently massaged into the skin, muscle or joint.  It is devoid of any harsh chemicals, preservatives or damaging oils.  Once applied to skin it will dry very quickly. Your skin will not only look more smooth but will feel that way as well. A thin film may remain, but this is easily washed away with no residue remaining.  Do not worry, Organosil gel can be used with any other beauty or skin products.  
Directions for application: Apply directly to skin, gently rub in circular direction to allow maximum absorption. Let dry repeat, 3-5 times daily.
Ingredients: Purified water, carbomethylcelulosum natrium, glycerine, monomethylsilanetriol, citric acid, potassium sorbate, pelargonium asperum, cedrus atlantica, helichrysum italicum.

List Price: $35.00 + S&H


Organosil G5, Pure Silica (16.9 oz bottle)

Organosil Liquid is our flagship product. Specially designed to be the highest concentration of asorbable, organic silica on market. Our silica does not contain harsh preservatives or chemicals. Scientific studies have shown that organic silica is supportive to joints, hair, nails, skin as well as our brain and cardiovascular system.

Like all silica based product ours is very important for many supportive reasons.  First and foremost human beings use silica to help repair damaged cell tissue, in fact silica is like the cement between the bricks of protein that we are made out of.  For many years silica has been promoted to help support joints.  One reason for this is silica helps synthesize collagen which allows our bodies to help maintain the tissues within our joints.  Silica has also been shown to directly effect our bones through affecting the ability to uptake calcium and attach it to bone matrix. This has been shown through animal studies that reported dietary silicon deficiency produces defects in connective and skeletal tissues and that silica is concentrated at the front of growing bone.(Carlisle, EM)

Silicon defieciency is a growing problem.  We live in a day and time where our bodies are subjected to many more toxic chemicals, heavy metals, stress and other health effecting substances, then ever before.  Our bodies are just trying to keep up. However it is not easy to find available silica in our foods.  Before the advant of modern technology, most humans were born with enough silica to last them a lifetime. Through toxic heavy metal exposure, which our bodies naturally use silcia to help chelate these metals out of the body, stress and other damaging living conditions our bodies are losing silica faster than ever. To help offset this we have created this product to help a person maintain high levels of silica
This extra strength formula offers superior nutritional support and the possibility of collateral benefits in terms of improved calcium absorption leading to stronger and denser bones, cartilage production, connective tissue flexibility, increased collagen & elastin production, higher tensile strength hair follicles, stronger finger & toenails, toxic aluminum elimination and improved nerve synapse (signaling) function.

Directions for Use: 1-2 tablespoons daily
Store in refrigerator after opening.
Use within 30 days after opening.
Average 33 servings per container.

Ingredients: Distilled water, monomethylsilanetriol, citric acid, potassium sorbate

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. None of this information regarding silica or our products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

List Price: $39.00 + S&H










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