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Magnesium Bath Crystals (Available in 2 sizes)

Magnesium Supplement for Your Bath--For Ultimate Absorption

Enable cellular regeneration to exceed degeneration
By simply bathing in Magnesium Crystals you can restore vital magnesium to your body.

Magnesium supports healing, regeneration and maintenance of all living cells. It soothes your nervous system (providing deeper rest), and is essential for the production of amino acids that are critical for virtually every chemical reaction in your body.

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral that your body requires for cellular health (along with calcium, sodium & potassium).

These white crystals contain pure medical grade (USP) magnesium chloride, to conveniently & cost effectively restore cellular magnesium through your skin. Bathing allows efficient absorption of the magnesium through your skin, the largest organ in your body.

Directions for Use: In your bathtub (preferably), dissolve 1/4-cup Magnesium Crystals and soak for at least 20 minutes, for 5 consecutive days. After this initial period, repeat twice a week or as often as you wish.

Alternately in a foot basin, dissolve 1/4-cup Magnesium Crystals in heated Prill Water, and soak your feet for at least 20 minutes, for 5 consecutive days, and twice a week thereafter.

If you are not becoming calm, relaxed, and stress-resistant, try a double dose of Magnesium Crystals, or repeat the baths more often. To enhance the effects, use with 1 teaspoon of Magnesium Powder and Laminar Powder, or try using our Bath Prills to improve the water structure.

Magnesium is the ultimate companion in your battle with aging.

3/4 lb. Pound
List Price: $15.00 + S&H


5 Pounds
List Price: $53.00 + S&H


Magnesium Oil

Relax Stiff Joints and Alleviate Pain---Treat Skin Conditions and Signs of Aging

Restore vital magnesium to enable cellular regeneration.

Magnesium oil can help alleviate joint pain & stiffness.

And it's also an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis and resistant skin rashes.

Soften and smooth wrinkled skin, fade age spots and nourish sun-damaged skin.
Used as massage oil in physiotherapy and chiropractic applications.

Spray on any area of concern as often as desired, to enhance your vitality and reverse the effects of aging, by stimulating regeneration.
Magnesium Oil is an extreme concentrate of the form of magnesium that is the keystone of cellular regeneration. We call it the 'fountain of youth in a bottle'

An excellent means of absorbing critically needed magnesium and essential moisture for cellular regeneration. This liquid solution of magnesium chloride in Living Water gives immediate delivery & absorption into living cells.
Magnesium is critical for your cellular health, your nervous system, regenerating & maintaining living tissue, a nutrient essential for virtually every reaction in the body.

Directions for Use: It is recommended to apply after a shower or bath. Apply onto your skin, massage and leave. Or add some to your daily bath for a soak of at least 20 minutes. Let dry and do not rinse it off. If irritation occurs when applied on your skin, dilute 50% with Prill Water.

Magnesium Oil - 4 oz
List Price:
$10.00 + S&H


Magnesium Oil - 12 oz
List Price: $18.00 + S&H


Magnesium Oil - Gallon
List Price: $82.00 + S&H



Magnesium Gel

Clean & Moisturize Your Skin, Hair & Scalp--And Restore Vital Magnesium and Trace Sea Minerals

This smooth Magnesium Gel leaves your skin soft, supple & hydrated, and your hair silky. As a complete body and hair product, you can counteract signs of aging by restoring lost minerals.

Magnesium Gel will upgrade any skin care product, for women and men. Simply add Magnesium Gel to your moisturizing lotion & cream, massage oil, shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel or lubricant. You are limited only by your imagination.

The added seaweed extract gives you additional trace minerals from the sea, and is an excellent chelator for pulling radioactive toxins (such as iodine-131) from your body, which have taken the place of their non-radioactive counterparts.

Directions for Use: Use as often and wherever desired. It is safe for children and fun to play with, so let your imagination be your guide.
Apply Magnesium Gel (full strength) to your skin and hair, to restore lost minerals due to aging. You may experience “tightness” when applied to your skin.
Mix 1 part shampoo with 1 part Magnesium Gel and lather as usual.

To make an excellent shampoo, mix the Magnesium Gel with Miracle II Liquid Soap. Gives a tremendous amount of suds.

Before styling, apply Magnesium Gel full strength to your hair, for added control or for a more natural look.

After bathing or showering, apply to your skin (anywhere), then let dry. Dilute with Living Water if desired. If you feel the need, you may rinse it off in the shower or bath. Your body will absorb the magnesium it needs.

Massage Magnesium Gel into your skin (anywhere) to relieve stress & tension.

Feel free to personalize your Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Oil by adding essential oils, or layering with Coconut Oil for an exotic experience!
If using essential oils, remember to shake the blend every time you use it, as the essential oils will separate from the Magnesium products.
Note: Magnesium Gel may affect synthetic hair colors, or may cause original hair color to return!

The Seaweed Extract in the Magnesium Gel is an excellent chelator for dangerous toxins, including Iodine-131, helping your body remove it. Iodine-131 causes chronic thyroid malfunction that is reflected in overall metabolism, weight management, energy levels, and even in other hormonal levels.

4 oz
List Price: $12.00 + S&H


12 oz
List Price:
$19.00 + S&H


Magnesium Powder, 75g

Detoxify & Relieve Congested Tissues

Pull toxins from deep within your body through skin cells, not to be reabsorbed. Unless and until you clean out your insides, diseases can only be in remission, prepared to resurface. Your path to healing must include cleansing endeavors to remove the causes of disease.

Almost all of us are overloaded with toxins. All disease is the direct result of accumulating toxins in the body. We are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. An optimally functioning detoxification system is necessary for preventing disease and providing good health.

With your amazing healing powers within, health will return when given a clean, balanced and well-nourished terrain.

Directions for Use: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium Powder with Living Water or Prill Water, to form a paste. As a skin cleanser, apply to face and/or body and leave until dry. Wash off. As a wonderfully moisturizing and detoxifying soak, add 1 teaspoon to your bath.

Also known as Sea Snow, this Magnesium Powder is extracted from purified seawater, and contains magnesium carbonate to detoxify congested tissues. Works wonders on oily and infected skin.

List Price: $22.00 + S&H


Laminar Powder, 100g

Energize and Restructure Your Bath Water or Skin Care Products

Restore your cellular water, and put a healthy glow upon your skin. Laminar Powder is a magnificent treatment for many skin conditions that don't respond to other treatments. A marvelous restorative for virtually any condition. Use it when nothing else works.

Laminar Powder:
• has the capacity to energize water, and can be used on any area of your body.
• is an accumulator of life force that restores vital fluids in your tissues.
• a wonderful hydration tool, the perfect finish to a facial with Magnesium Gel and Magnesium Powder.

The Laminar Powder is made from finely milled laminar crystals, which are the active energizing components of the Star Chamber Factory. This fine ground Laminar Powder is also known as Snow Crystals or Solid Sunshine.
Shipped in an 8-ounce jar, enough for 25 or more baths!

Directions for Use: Mix the Laminar Powder with Living Water, Prill Water, Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Gel to form a paste, or add to your other skin care products.

Apply liberally to any area of concern; allow drying, then buffing off the excess with a soft cloth. It can also be brushed into your skin with a dry cloth. It will continue to hydrate & energize your tissues, as long as it is there.

One-quarter teaspoon of Laminar Powder makes enough paste for a good facial: try mixing into Magnesium Gel or Magnesium Powder for a wonderfully hydrating facial. Works great on dry, cracked feet. A wonderful base for makeup.

List Price: $16.50 + S&H


TransDerma Minerals Magnesium Sets

Sample Set

Special $47.00 Plus S&H

Set includes -- Magnesium Crystals ¾ pound $9.00
Magnesium Gel 4 oz
Magnesium Oil 4 oz
Precious Prills 3 oz

List Price: $47.00 + S&H


Regular Set

Special $62.00 Plus S&H

Set includes -- Magnesium Crystals ¾ pound
Magnesium Gel 12 oz
Magnesium Oil 12 oz
Precious Prills 3 oz

List Price: $62.00 + S&H


Ultimate Set

Special $80.00 plus S&H

Set includes -- Magnesium Crystals ¾ pound $9.00
Magnesium Gel 12 oz
Magnesium Oil 12 oz
Magnesium Powder 75g
Laminar Powder 100g

List Price: $80.00 + S&H


The "Ultimate Bath" — One teaspoon of Laminar Powder in your bath will enhance your absorption of magnesium, from Magnesium Bath Crystals or Magnesium Oil.
• Place Bath Prills in your bathtub while filling it with hot water (a comfortable bath temperature, of course).
• Add one rounded teaspoon each of Magnesium Powder and Laminar Powder.
• Pour 1 - 2 ounces of Magnesium Oil into the tub.
• Add 1/2 cup of Magnesium Bath Crystals into the tub.
• Soak 20 - 30 minutes and enjoy the magic of magnesium!

Magnesium Drops  (1oz.)

• Easy delivery - just a few drops in your mouth
• Magnesium Regenerates and Maintains your Rest and Relaxation
• USP grade - ultra pure magnesium chloride solution
• Magnesium Drops are the filtered and concentrated form Magnesium Oil, USP grade

List Price:
$ 10.00 + S&H


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January 10, 2007: 3rd Hr – Australian healer Libby Dartez, detailing this product line.

January 25, 2007: 2nd HR – Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.
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