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Robert Abel, Jr., M.D.

Robert Abel, Jr., M.D. is a regular guest on "The Power Hour" and repeatedly provides highly informative lectures on a variety of eye care conditions, problems and solutions.

Past presentations by Dr. Abel on "The Power Hour with Joyce & Dave" can be heard at http://www.gcnlive.com
March 2, 2004 - 3rd Hour
August 10, 2004 - 3rd Hour

About Robert Abel, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Rob Abel is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Jefferson Medical College. He performed his ophthalmology training at the Mount Sinai Hospital (in New York City) and a cornea transplant fellowship at the University of Florida. Dr. Abel co-founded the alternative medicine curriculum at Thomas Jefferson University where he is a former clinical professor of ophthalmology. He has helped found eye banks, holds patents on artificial corneas, and received the senior honor award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Dr. Abel has long been a nationally renown teacher of conventional eye therapy. He assisted with the translations of ancient Ayurvedic eye therapies and his mission is bringing mind-body medicine to 21st century eye care. He is a practitioner of Tai Chi Ch'uan. Dr. Abel lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with his wife and three children.

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