White Angelica™      $72.04 

is a soothing combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that provide comfort when diffused or applied topically to the chest, thymus, head, neck and ears.  Item No. 3432   15 ml


White Angelica is a subtle but powerful blend of therapeutic grade oils that work synergistically to increase the aura around your body to bring a delicate sense of strength and protection.  We are bombarded with Electromagnetic Frequency 24 hours a day, and often we pick up negative frequencies from people and the environment.  White Angelica works like an invisible armor to help guard against the onslaught of negative vibrations. ~ Essential Oils Desk Reference – Essential Science Publishing


Therapeutically This spectacular, yet subtle blend of 10 therapeutic grade essential oils helps provide greater awareness of one’s potential and is beneficial against anger, depression, headaches (especially when flying), circulation and helping to lower blood pressure. Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 7th Edition, Alan and Connie Higley


EnergeticallyWhite Angelica has a measurable electrical frequency of 89 MHz, which exceeds the Genius Brain Frequency.  It works as a powerful shield against electromagnetic pollution that can negatively affect brain waves.  This is particular important if you spend a lot of time on a cellular phone, in front of a computer screen, or are in the vicinity of microwave towers.  “Angelica expands the heart chakra, allowing for greater self-expression and stimulates the Thymus to enable release of negative influences of the past.”

~  Vibrational Healing with Essential Oils”  – Deborah Eidson

EmotionallyWhite Angelica is important for use in emotional cleansing—and a bodyguard for the therapist.  It is used successfully for releasing disharmony, greed, loneliness, resolution, shame and weaknesses. ~ Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils 2007”  – Dr. Carolyn Mein

Ingredients: Bergamot, geranium, myrrh, sandalwood, rosewood, ylang ylang, spruce, hyssop,
melissa and rose oil

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