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Essential Oils Desk Reference Convention Edition - 2013

NEW for 2013!

Just in time for Young Living's Grand Convention 2013, Life Science Publishing is proud to introduce to you the NEW and improved Essential Oils Desk Reference Convention Edition. Say goodby to the bulky three-ring binder! The new EODR Convention Edition is improved with a spiral bound configuration thus reducing overall prouduct weight making it more convenient to carry with you on the go. Cost of production has also been reduced allowing us to pass along the savings to you, our valued customers.
The following improvements can be found in the EODR Covention Edition:
• Distributor requested product highlighted index
• New Essential Oils research information
• A new section on Airase

List Price: $69.95 + S&H

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Essential Oils Pocket Reference
Compiled by Essential Science Publishing
This a condensed version or summary of the large Essential Oil Desk Reference Book, but portable.

Contains 9 Chapters and Appendices.

The Chapters are:

*Essential Oils: The Missing Link in Modern Medicine
*How Do Essential Oils Work
*How to Safely Use Essential Oils
*Vita Flex Technique
*Raindrop Technique
*Lymphatic Pump
*Auricular Technique
*Emotional Response and Essential Oils
*How to Use-The Personal Usage Reference
*Appendix A: Body Systems Chart
*Appendix B: Single Oil Data
*Appendix C: Oil Blends Data

Note: The "Essential Oil Pocket Reference" is mainly “The Ailment Guide” section of the large Essential Oil Desk Reference, basically being sold separately

List Price: $25.00 + S&H

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Eating Out of Heaven’s Garden By Teri Secrest

Chapter 1 - Live vs. Dead Foods
Chapter 2 - Out with the Old, In with the New
Chapter 3 - Creating the Atmosphere in Your Home
Chapter 4 - Enhancing Your health with Essential Oils
Chapter 5 - Recipes for Life
Chapter 6 - Recipes From Family and Friends
Chapter 7 - Your Emotions Matter

“What if you could experience vibrant energy every day, a good night’s sleep, a pain free body, clears mental focus and positive emotions daily? You can!

Heaven’s Garden is waiting for you…what are you waiting for?”
~ Teri Secrest

List Price: $24.95 + S&H

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About the book:

Whether you have a background in chemistry or not, you will understand and enjoy this book. It will enlighten and entertain you while demonstrating, by the chemistry of essential oils, that God’s power and divine nature can be seen through the things he has made. (Romans 1:20) Based on both science and scripture, this book reveals the harmony between the two. Dr. Stewart describes the relationship between the material world and the spiritual world to explain how oils bring healing. Containing analyses of more than 100 essential oils cross-indexed by more than 40 tables containing more than 600 compounds, this is the most comprehensive chemistry book on essential oils ever compiled, and the easiest to use and comprehend.

List Price: $49.95 + S&H

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The Essential Oils Book by Colleen K. Dodt

A rich resource on the applications of aromatherapy and its uses in everyday life, including aromas for the home, business environments, and essences for the elderly.

Contents of The Essential Oils Book:
* Awakening the Scent Sense
* An Introduction to Buying and Using Pure Essential Oils
* The Properties and Applications of Pure Essential Oils
* Most Commonly Used Pure Essential Oils
* Less Commonly Used Pure Essential Oils
* Basic Blending Advice
* Equipment and Supplies
* Carrier or Base Oils
* Solutions and Dilutions
* Recipes for Home Aroma
* Making Cleaning Jobs More Pleasant
* Scenting the Air at Home
* Aromatic Recipes for Essential Beauty
* Baths
* Bath Salts
* Herbal Baths
* Children's Herbal Baths
* Foot Baths
* Hand and Nail Care
* Hair Oils
* Shampoos and Rinses
* Personal Perfumes
* Other Uses for Essential Oils
* Making Travel More Enjoyable
* Creating a Welcoming, Conductive Work Environment
* Caring for the Elderly and Sick
* Caring for Pets
* Sources and Resources
* Suggested Reading
* Index

List Price: $14.95 + S&H

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ESSENTIAL OILS Business Book By Christina Calisto-Winslow
How to Start, Build, and Prosper in the Essential Oils Industry

Softback;194 Pages; Big Country Publishing; (June 1, 2010)

*Are you just starting out in the essential oils business and need step-by-step business training?
*Are you working hard at your essential oils business, but your downline isn't growing?
*Are you not sure how to train your downline on the essential oils business?

Essential Oils Business Book, How to Start, Build, and Prosper in the Essential Oils Industry is for the person just starting out in the essential oils industry or someone who has been working at it for years and wants to increase their income. Discover easy-to-implement success strategies for the essential oils direct sales/network marketing industry. It doesn't matter which essential oil brand you use or which company you are with; you will benefit from this simplified and innovative approach to growing your business. Learn how easy it is to transform your business to increase revenue. It doesn't matter what your background or experience is; you'll be able to learn as you go. Best of all, this easy-to-use business guide will train your downline for you, freeing up your most valuable asset-your time.

List Price:
$24.99 + S&H

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