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North American Herb & Spice is totally unique in the nutrition industry. Research of the products is the key and these oregano based products are the finest and purest on Earth. The goal of Joyce and THE POWER HOUR, is to help people become as healthy as possible and stay that way.

"Mystery Outbreak Of Fatal Illness
May Be New Strain of Flu" abcnews.com

The illness, which carries flu-like symptoms, has killed nine people seven in Asia and two in North America. Its rapid spread in southeast Asia in recent weeks caused a rare worldwide health alert to be issued on Saturday.

As discussed by Joyce on The Power Hour, there is currently no known treatment or prevention for this outbreak. We do know that OREGACYN and OREGAMAX works to build up the immune system. Now, more then ever is the time to start taking OREGACYN and OREGAMAX .

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