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Miracle 2 Neutralizer

Miracle 2 Neutralizer
This liquid Miracle 2 Neutralizer
can be used for many things people use it

* orally for heartburn
* on the skin for sunburn
* to clean vegetables naturally
* in their pets' water for their health

The Miracle II Neutralizer is unbeatable, and you can get it right here!

NOTE: Miracle 2 Soap products may not be shipped to Canada at this time.

22 oz
List Price:
$17.00 + S&H

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1 Gal
List Price: $72.00 + S&H

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Dehydrated packets of Miracle 2 Neutralizer:

The lightweight packets of Miracle 2 Neutralizer were created to help in the shipping of Neutralizer, especially overseas in large bulk for agricultural purposes. Many customers are now asking about the Neutralizer packets due to storage problems. The packets are very small and one packet can be stirred into one gallon of spring water (non fluoridated or chlorinated water, preferably). the recommended retail price of one packet is $50.00. This is a savings of $17.00 to the customer, per gallon. Remember, one packet to one gallon of water. This is especially helpful for those who want a supply of Neutralizer on hand in times of shortages. Most people are aware by now that have tried the Neutralizer that they do not want to run out. Having packets on hand is the best way to avoid this and is easy to store.

NOTE: Miracle 2 Soap products may not be shipped to Canada at this time.

List Price:
$55.00 + S&H

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Uses For Miracle2 Neutralizer

AIDS – Put 7 drops of Miracle II Neutralizer in orange juice every morning and night and drink. Rejoice in the Glory of God.

TO STOP SMOKING - Spray Neutralizer Liquid in mouth every time you want to smoke. People report not wanting to smoke after doing this for 7 days.

POISON IVY OR OAK - Apply Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel as soon as possible, and let dry. Apply in advance if you are going into an area known for having these plants, so you won’t have trouble.

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