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Skin Moisturizer

Feature for feature, this is the most miraculous natural skin moisturizer around.
As with all our Miracle II Products, we stand behind this soap 100%.

The Miracle 2 Soap Skin Moisturizer:
The natural, all-purpose soap product you've heard about. It's concentrated. You can dilute it to be soft on your skin while you wash dishes, or use it at full concentration for cleaning jobs around the house.

Excellent for moisturizing the skin. I keep it handy and use it full strength. The Moisturizer is made with cold pressed oils.

NOTE: Miracle 2 Soap products may not be shipped to Canada at this time.

List Price:
$17.00 + S&H

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List Price: $34.00 + S&H

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1 Gal
List Price: $190.00 + S&H

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Uses for Miracle II Skin Moisturizer

INSECT BITES – Spray or rub Neutralizer Liquid or Gel to bite area. If you will apply the Neutralizer before going outside, in most cases, the bugs will not bite you. Great for kids.

MOUTH ULCERS – Put enough Neutralizer Liquid or Gel in mouth to cover all effected areas. Hold in mouth as long as possible, then swallow. This will neutralize the acid that is causing the trouble.

POISON IVY OR OAK - Apply Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid or Gel as soon as possible, and let dry. Apply in advance if you are going into an area known for having these plants, so you won’t have trouble.

for a very extensive list of uses for Miracle II Moisturizing Soap and other Miracle II products









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