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Laundry Ball

Miracle 2 Soap Laundry Ball

Say goodbye to the use of expensive cleaning soaps and the chemical skin irritation that goes with it! You just place the Miracle 2 Soap Laundry Ball in the washing machine and it CLEANS. For items with greasy stains, you can first put a drop of Miracle II Soap on it and spritz it with Miracle II Neutralizer. Let it set, then wash. For extremely dirty clothes, you can add a little Miracle II Soap for added power. The Miracle II Laundry Ball can last for years!

NOTE: Miracle 2 Soap products may not be shipped to Canada at this time.

1 Ball
List Price:
$57.00 + S&H

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Miracle 2 Dryer Ball

List Price: $42.00 + S&H

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