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Political  Books III

Mysterious Monuments by Texe Marrs

624 pages • 875 Photos & Illustrations

A sinister and curious Architectural Colossus is exploding across every continent on earth. The United States of America is at the heart of this incredible surge. Monuments, statues, and buildings are being created everywhere with evil intent and magical purpose. Designed by visionary illuminist architects and based on knowledge of the occult wisdom, Masonic geometry and sacred numerology, this Architectural Colossus can be traced back to the antiquities of Mystery Babylon. Its secrets, once unlocked, point to an amazing and frightening future destiny for you, me, and the entire world. The builders of this strange architecture comprise an elite cryptocracy--a veritable who's who of the world's rich and famous. Are the mysterious monuments these men are building part of a Grand Design? Is there, in fact, a Master Plan to seduce men's minds and catapult humanity into a New Order of the Ages?

About the Author
Texe Marrs, bestselling author of over 38 books. A retired career U.S. Air Force officer, he has taught at the University of Texas at Austin and is one of America's foremost historians.

List Price: $34.95 + S&H

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DVD's by Texe Marrs:
* Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos
* The Coming Great Thirst
Additional BOOK by Texe Marrs: Codex Magica  

Conspiracy World by Texe Marrs

A Truthteller's Compendium of Eye-Opening Revelations and Forbidden Knowledge

The topics covered in this book are as timely as today’s news and cover a sizzling multitude of conspiracies, scandals, investigations, and coverups. Never before have so many eye-opening secrets and disclosures been published in a single volume. Here is just a sampling:

Money and Betrayal ~ North American Union and the Amero ~ Truth About the Russian Revolution ~ Secret Societies—Bohemian Grove, CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers, Order of Skull & Bones, Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, and more ~ Mysterious Hand signs and Symbols ~ Barack Obama—Black Pharaoh of Egypt ~ The Illuminati Obsessed with Sex ~ Devil Companies, Devil Products, Devil Logos ~ Satan’s El Diablo Hand Sign ~ Millennium Shocker!—Black Mass ~ A Massive Golden Pyramid for Elvis ~ Face to Face with the Devil ~ Federal Gestapo Targets Good Americans ~ The Antichrist—Man of Sin ~ Human Slavery in the Technetronics Age ~ Biochips Readied ~ Occult Theocracy ~ Mysterious Deaths ~ Bizarre Deaths of the Branch Davidians ~ Oklahoma City: Things Just Don’t Add Up ~ UN Peace-keepers Raise Hell ~ Our National Parks Now Belong to the United Nations ~ White House Bordello ~ The Masonic Plan for America ~ The Pope, The Devil and the Masonic Lodge ~ Freemasonry Unmasked in the Vatican ~ Masonic Jews Plot to Control World ~ UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Space ~ The Jesuit Connection ~ Mother Mary Warns: "Lucifer Controls the Vatican" ~ King James Bible vs. New Versions ~ Deceivers Infiltrate Christian Church ~ Witchcraft Televangelists ~ Mind Control ~ Satanism and Sex Crimes.

List Price: $25.00 + S&H

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Keep on Voting by Joel Blackwell

Joel Blackwell, The Author Of "Keep On Voting" worked fourteen years as a newspaper editor at the Miami Herald and Charlotte Observer. Tired of newspapers and hungry to find a way to participate in politics, he set out to help organizations carry their political messages to the public, politicians and press through consulting, keynote presentations, training sessions, and seminars. He ran for the state legislature in North Carolina and that experience taught him about the love affair between voters and politicians, which resulted in this book.

Known around the country as The Grass Roots Guy, he speaks each year to about fifty groups of ordinary people who come together in a state capital or Washington DC to lobby. He creates educational videos, DVDs and web content that helps people understand what actions they must take to influence political outcomes. After helping them understand how much power they can have, he often sits with them as they talk to members of Congress and state legislatures.

The information in this book derives in large part from those sessions. Joel uses his experience as a reporter to find what works and what doesn’t, what politicians want from volunteer advocates and what they don’t. He has interviewed more than five hundred elected officials, local, state, and federal, asking them what works and how they want to be influenced.

He also conducted focus groups in nine states asking association members, corporate executives, and others why they don’t write letters, make phone calls and give money to politicians. From this experience, he compiled the tips and techniques in this book, which is designed to empower people to get what they want from state legislatures and the Congress.

List Price: $24.95 + S&H

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New Pearl Harbor Revisited - The 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé by David Ray Griffin

Part One includes the complete text of the original The New Pearl Harbor. Part Two is Griffin’s chapter-by-chapter commentary, which updates that earlier discussion with everything that has come to light since, including the most recent developments. Thanks to The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, everything needed to evaluate the official account of 9/11 is now available in a single volume.

David Ray Griffin has been a professor of philosophy of religion and theology at the Claremont School of Theology in California for over thirty years. He is co-director of the Center for Process Studies there and the author or editor of over twenty books.

List Price: $20.00 + S&H

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Secession: How Vermont and all the Other States Can Save Themselves from the Empire by Thomas H. Naylor

This groundbreaking book reveals how a seemingly wild political idea continues to grow and create debate on our unsustainable, ungovernable and unfixable empire. “Secession may seem like an outlandish idea at first, but when considered forthrightly and un-prejudicially it becomes a powerful alternative to other kinds of political action. Thomas Naylor has here charted a brave and inspiring course for any American interested in practical, useful, thoroughgoing social and political change in America.” —Kirkpatrick Sale “Here’s the Tom Paine of the 21st century, and a surprisingly compelling argument for applying the small-is-beautiful philosophy to the United States itself.” —Jay Walljasper, Ode magazine


The headline of an Associated Press release dated 2 June 2007, seen around the world read “In Vermont, Nascent Secession Movement Gains Traction.” Across the Green Mountains there is a whiff of revolution in the air - - a quiet and thoughtful revolution in which the revolutionists are well-educated, articulate writers, artists, academics, blue collar workers, doctors, farmers, lawyers, merchants, publishers, and other rebels committed to the belief that the United States of America has lost its moral authority and is unsustainable, ungovernable, and therefore, unfixable. These genteel rebels have called for the peaceful return of Vermont to its status as an independent republic as it once was between 1777 and 1791 and the dissolution of the American empire.

Taking their cues from the 1961 Broadway musical “Stop the World - - I Want to Get Off,” these modern day secessionists want to free themselves from a techno-fascist state which condones a convoluted war on terrorism, a foreign policy based on full-spectrum dominance and imperial overstretch, the rendition of terrorist suspects, prisoner abuse and torture, the suppression of civil liberties, citizen surveillance, corporate greed, pandering to the rich and powerful, environmental degradation, pseudo-religious drivel, and a culture of deceit.
These radical intellectuals recognize the importance of the village green as a metaphor for Vermont - - a place where people meet to chat, have a coffee, a locally brewed beer, a glass of wine, or a bite to eat; read a newspaper; listen to music; smell the flowers; and pass the time away. They know that the village green is all about the politics of human scale- - small towns, small businesses, small schools, and small churches. The Vermont village green is neat, clean, democratic, nonviolent, noncommercial, egalitarian, and humane. It is a mirror image of the way America once was, but no longer knows how to be.

Among the principles to which supporters of Vermont’s genteel revolution subscribe are political independence, human scale, sustainability, economic solidarity, power sharing, equal opportunity, tension reduction, and community. The very essence of the village green is a strong sense of community among its citizens and their neighbors. It is this sense of community which makes Vermont so radical.

Vermont provides a communitarian alternative to the dehumanized, mass-production, mass-consumption, overregulated, narcissistic lifestyle which pervades most of America. In Vermont the politics of human scale always trumps the politics of money, power, size, speed, greed, and fear of terrorism. Living in Vermont is a lot like living in a small European country.

America, too, needs a genteel revolution. Vermont separatists stand ready to help save Vermont, America, and the rest of the world from the American empire by leading our nation into peaceful disunion.

List Price: $12.00 + S&H

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Tyranny Busters: The Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax by Michael Benoit

Tyranny Busters is to destroy Tyranny by shining the light of truth on the force, fraud and fear that is used to enslave the mind of man.

Published 2008 by Michael Benoit; 99 Pages;

Easy to understand format with step by step instructions;

Full of quotes and defined terms.

"We, as individuals, can only delegate to government that which we have a right and power to do ourselves, such as defense of life and property. Our system of government is based on the principle that, governments are instituted to secure our rights. Rights are considered a possession inherent in us, [governments have no rights, only delegated powers] and the defense of our rights is surely something we can delegate to government. However, we cannot delegate that which is not ours in the first place."
In his newest work, author Michael Benoit explores the ins and outs of tyranny and how it has crept into your daily life. Benoit shares insights from history's leading minds and relates them to the present state of the American income tax system. Purchase your copy today!

Tyrannies that need busting:
IRS - DEA - Congressional
Family Court - Tort Court - Travel
Electoral Tyranny - National Debt - CPS

Pre-Orders being taken....will be in stock Nov. 1, 2008

List Price: $10.00 + S&H

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This CD is dedicated to all Alaskans. The contents are in Joe Vogler's own voice and certainly his own words. It plays for a little over an hour. Contained in that hour are just about as many opinions shared by Joe, as there are tracks and issues. Of course, he mentions "Posy-Sniffers", and the "Politicians" too. Joe wouldn't leaved them out of a conversation! He also discusses renewable energy, subsistence as a form of discrimination, equal footing for Alaska and the full measure of the Rights granted at Statehood. With States' Rights as the main issue, Joe headed the AIP ticket in the 1982 election. Joe Vogler's dream was for Alaskans to achieve independence under a minimal government, fuly responsive to the people, while promoting peaceful and lawful means of resolving differences. The Alaskan Independence Party was designed to be the system Alaskans could utilize to achieve better self-governance with less dependence in their lives. Thank you, JOE!!!

List Price: $20.00 + S&H

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Power Abused, Power Healed by Judith Barr

In a world in which the abuse of power is rampant, so also is its exposure in every context. This exposure brings it out into the light of day for healing. We cannot heal the misuse of power simply by action in the outer world. We each need to do the healing of our relationship with power within ourselves. Power Abused, Power Healed helps us to see our relationship with power and to do the healing within. Weaving fairy tale with current life events, Power Abused, Power Healed teaches us about the misuse and abuse of power...and the vast healing that is possible individually and globally. The stories are set in the context of the healing arts, with windows and doors that lead into other arenas in our lives. At the end of each chapter a special section called Here and Now makes healing personal for readers, inviting them to examine their own feelings and thoughts about each story. It is Judith's intention to create a river of healing and transformation that gathers energy and strength as it flows through our world...healing the misuse and abuse of power and in its place, creating the exquisite use of power.

List Price: $16.95 + S&H

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We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform By Richard C. Cook

In the wake of this U.S. economic meltdown, the mainstream population faces four possible futures:

1. Adjust and accept diminished prosperity, in a life that includes two or three part time jobs, a perpetual job search in a declining economy, and the need to share housing with extended family or even strangers. And by the way, plan to join the underground economy.

2. Jump on the bandwagon of a new international war! Hey, World War II got us out of the post 1929 depression, why not try that strategy again?

3. Prepare for chaos in the streets and a rightwing response of martial law and the suspension of our core doctrine the Bill of Rights.

4. Join a real and positive revolution to reform a broken monetary system, rebuild our public infrastructure, and develop an income assurance strategy that gives everyone a chance at a future that provides for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless....The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs - - - Thomas Jefferson, writing to the Secretary of the Treasury in 1802

About the Author
Richard C. Cook is a government analyst who, after thirty-two years in government service, retired from the U.S. Treasury Department in January 2007. While at the Carter White House, Cook began his study of monetary reform. During his twenty-one years with Treasury, he continued his study of U.S. monetary history, analyzed Treasury financial and administrative programs, and developed and taught training programs on public finance. In February 2007 he wrote the first of a series of essays that predicted the brutal economic landscape of Summer 2008.

“If the financial tsunami has not gotten to you yet, you will wake up one day and all is gone - - - - just as if a giant wave swept through taking 30, 40, 50 years of your life out to sea. No bail out for you. There is no one to call for help because Washington only hears and grants the requests of large campaign donors, usually organized corporate lobbyists. However, a growing number of citizens do know what is going on, understand and will take corrective action. No more looking out your lace curtains hoping others will take care of a problem for you - - - YOU need to participate this time - - - everyone needs to read Richard Cook’s book and get involved. Your quality of life depends on it.”

--Marie Gunther, Guest and Program Producer of ThePowerHour.com

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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TIME FOR A NEW TEA PARTY by "Will of the People"

“Time for a NEW Tea Party” reveals how to …

· Amend and improve our governing system into one of REAL accountability we can TRUST;
· Restore and create a stable economy with a sound currency and financial system;
· Restore our environment and reverse climate change;
· Restore POWER to "We the People" instead of remaining trapped in never ending cycles of electing politicians (temporary employees) and “hoping” that they will not betray us (with collaboration from their crony judges), who ultimately always do as they have done throughout history.

“Time for a NEW Tea Party”……is a must-read for every American and citizen in the world. It's the blueprint for FREEDOM, PEACE and SECURITY for all people. It’s pocket-sized, easy to carry (and share) and loaded with power packed pages of incredible wisdom, insights and solutions that will blow your mind and shatter the myths we’ve all been duped to believe. As more and more of us discover these insights and solutions, change how we think, start teaching others and apply the wisdom and principles in it, life and governing around the world will never be the same.
... Corporations, politicians and judges dread the day when “We the People” wake up and apply the wisdom packed in this incredible book.
... It is a perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones... and a perfect stocking stuffer!

List Price: $4.99 + S&H

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Reinventing Collapse
Soviet Example and American Prospects
By Dmitry Orlov

In the waning days of the American Empire the US administration finds itself mired in political crisis; foreign policy has come under sharp criticism; and the economy is in steep decline. These trends mirror the experience of the Soviet Union in the early 1980's. Reinventing Collapse examines the circumstances of the demise of the Soviet superpower and offers clear insights into how we might prepare for coming events.

Rather than focusing on doom and gloom, Reinventing Collapse suggests that there is room for optimism if we focus our efforts on personal and cultural transformation. With characteristic dry humor, Orlov identifies three progressive stages of response to the looming crisis:

Mitigation – alleviating the impact of the coming upheaval
Adaptation – adjusting to the reality of changed conditions
Opportunity – flourishing after the collapse
He argues that by examining maladaptive parts of our common cultural baggage we can survive and thrive and discover more meaningful and fulfilling lives, in spite of steadily deteriorating circumstances.

This challenging yet inspiring work is a must-read for anyone concerned about energy, geopolitics, international relations and life in a post-Peak Oil world.

List Price: $17.95 + S&H

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About the Author

Dmitry Orlov was born in Leningrad and immigrated to the United States at the age of 12. He was an eyewitness to the Soviet collapse over several extended visits to his Russian homeland between the late eighties and mid-nineties. He is an engineer who has contributed to fields as diverse as high-energy Physics and Internet security, as well as a leading Peak Oil theorist whose writing is featured on such sites as http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net  and http://www.powerswitch.org.uk.


Paperback - 176 pages
Width: 6 Inches x Height: 9 Inches
BISAC: POLITICAL SCIENCE / Economic Conditions
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Pub. Date: 2008-06-01

They Own It All (Including You)!
By Means of Toxic Currency by Ronald MacDonald and Robert Rowen

Paperback: 258 pages: : 8 x 5.2 x 0.8 inches

Product Description
This book proves, in simple easy language, that we are living in a "Matrix". Behind a fraudulent and corrupt "monetary" system lies a hidden creditor. This book proves that this creditor is actually the puppeteer of an insolvent government and hidden master of all American citizens and courts. The creditor has deviously devised a monetary system based on exchange of debt owned and or liened by the creditor. As one may not see one specific tree in the forest, one does not see a hidden mark (lien) on every transaction he makes, until that specific mark is actually pointed out. Then it becomes visible for all time. “They Own It All” proves that we all have become subject to a devious scheme for our daily transactions. The book reveals the common denominator for the economic implosion, loss of unalienable rights, rise of government tyranny, and how the servant (government) became the master, though itself serving a well hidden higher master. By making the invisible (toxic and liened currency) visible the Reader is empowered to remedy a collapsing society with solid steps to create a new order for the People, not the government and its hidden puppeteers.

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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About the Authors:

Ron MacDonald is a Vietnam veteran who’s spent the last 25 years studying law. His key interests are Fundamental Principles and Inherent Rights from which all other law arises. He’s watched in dismay as unalienable Rights have been reduced to mere privileges. His overriding interest is for fellow citizens to be free of government tyranny.

Robert Rowen, MD is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Johns Hopkins University and UCSF Medical School. He is devoted to educating readers of his Second Opinion Newsletter on the real causes and remedies of illness (hint, not deficiencies of drugs). In his 26 years in the field, he has watched in dismay while forces of toxic medicine have organized through government to destroy its superior competition, biological healing. His overriding interest is freedom of medical regulatory tyranny. Over 6 years friendship and countless hours discussions, these two interests mutually interacted to uncover the one common denominator related to loss of all our freedoms.

The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: its Theory and Practice by Ethan

This non-fictional exploration of Orwell’s 1984 for our times is a valuable blueprint for taking ownership of our lives and our world. 484 pp

Ethan is the penname of the author of The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice. Ethan chose to use only his first name in part to reflect the fact that he is an individual discussing individual liberty.

Ethan’s premiere work is a non-fictional interpretation of elements from the fictional book 1984, by George Orwell. It is also a formulation of real concepts that relate to timelessly relevant and universal topics. Ethan explains allegories and alliterations from 1984 using philosophical, political and psychological references, enlightening the reader to the nuances in Orwell’s 1984 and at the same time conditions in the real world.

Most books are fiction based on nonfiction, as is 1984. This book however is nonfiction based on fictional and philosophical concepts from 1984 reflected in the real world. Ethan tells a story while exploring the story of 1984, and using real conditions, defines and exemplifies oligarchical collectivism, an Orwellian term, but applicable real patriotism as well.

The book explores reality and mentality through concepts in 1984. Having read 1984 is not required before reading the book, though it might be desired reading afterwards. The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice will provide one with a new outlook on elements of 1984 and possibly much more.

The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice is a story about reality. The nonfiction book explores universality through established information. The book describes oligarchical collectivism and patriotism historically and contemporarily, exploring the timeless behavior of institutions and individuals.

"Ethan writes cold, hard and direct. He defines patriotism exactly, but more than that, Ethan explores reality thoroughly. The book is informative, inspiring and highly enlightening." ~Allah B, Nation of Gods and Earths, Harlem

"It’s a book to be read a few pages at a time, and then contemplate for hours after. It’s written as a learning experience, the facts, quotes and ideas bundled together in a way which leads to our own thoughts as the material moves on. I remember when 1984 was ushered in, wondering: “What next?” Ethan wondered as well, and the results of his curiosity and writing, if not the answer, will lead to the answer." ~Deborah Meier, Senior Scholar NYU, founder of the modern small schools movement

By the time Ethan graduated high school, he knew the backwoods of Maine, the back streets of Manhattan and the back roads of Northern California like the back of his hand. Ethan studied at various colleges in multiple states. Ethan trained and worked as a private detective in  Massachusetts. After realizing a private detective mostly works for insurance companies, Ethan moved to the mountains to snow-slide and write. Ethan currently resides in the Sierra Nevada with his dog.

A childhood friend of Ethan was killed in the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. The event rekindled a lifelong interest in politics, current events and history. Years of research and observations led Ethan to write The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism: Its Theory and Practice.

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century by Glen Yeadon

Exposes how US plutocrats launched Hitler, then recouped Nazi assets to lay the postwar foundations of a modern police state. Fascists won WWII because they ran both sides. Includes a blow-by-blow account of the fascist takeover of US media.
A valuable history of the relationship between big business in the United States and European fascism, before, during, and after the second World War. Contains a fascinating chapter on the disappearance of GOLD. . .and much, much, more!

Softback; 700 pp.

“The story is shocking and sobering and deserves to be widely read.”
– Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States.

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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Buy all 3 for $45.50 + S&H

Nazi Hydra in America, Suppressed History of a Century by Glen Yeadon

Corporatism, The Secret Government of the New World Order by Prof. Jeffrey Grupp

The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism, its Theory and Practice by Ethan Citizen

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