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Codex Magica by Texe Marrs

The Innermost Secrets of the Illuminati Beckon You

624 pages • Over 1,000 Pictures & Illustrations

They vowed you would never know. They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding. They were wrong. Now, thanks to the incredible revelations in this amazing book, you can discover their innermost secrets. You can identify the members of the Illuminati and unravel their astonishing plan to control and manipulate. You can crack the Illuminati code.

They Have Their Own Hidden Language

Codex Magica is awesome in its scope and revelations. It contains over 1,000 actual photographs and illustrations. You'll see with your own eyes the world's leading politicians and celebrities—including America's richest and most powerful—caught in the act as they perform occult magic. Once you understand their covert signals and coded picture messages, your world will never be the same. Destiny will be made manifest. You will know the truth and everything will become clear.

List Price: $34.95 + S&H

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DVD's by Texe Marrs:
* Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos
* The Coming Great Thirst
Additional Book: Mysterious Monuments by Tex Marrs


Two-Volume Hardback Set
Volume I (447 Pages) - Just War Principles: A Condemnation of War in Iraq
Volume II (853 Pages) – Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, and the Rape of Iraq


Including Essays and Interviews From:
* Pat Buchanan
* Samuel Francis
* Charley Reese
* Noam Chomsky
* Robert Fisk
* Ray McGovern
* John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton
* Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowsk, USAF (ret.)
* Col. Donn de Grand Pre, USAF (ret.)
* ….And Dozens More!

This is a two-volume anthology on the Iraq war, looking at the conflict in light of the perennial tradition of the Church's just-war doctrine, along with other legal, political, and historical considerations.

The aim of this set is three-fold: (1) to recover and re-assert the true just-war doctrine in the face of its corruption by so-called "Catholic neoconservatives" who claim a right to attack a sovereign nation that has not committed an act of aggression; (2) to expose the sadly profound immorality of our nation's treatment of Iraq in the run-up to the March 2003 invasion and during the decade preceding; and (3) to illustrate the bankruptcy of the modern political categories of "left" and "right," "Democrat" and "Republican," "Liberal" and "Conservative," by bringing together an eclectic group of pundits, journalists, historians, and other scholars in a collection that transcends the sterile boundaries of current politics and tackles issues in view of the only criteria that matter: truth or falsehood, accuracy or error, honesty or deceit.

List Price: $48.00 + S&H

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Thieves in the Temple by Andre Michael Eggelletion

What the average person does not know about the directors of our monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, is the fact that there is absolutely nothing "Federal" about the Federal Reserve System, and neither does it have any "Reserves." In his astonishing new book, "Thieves in the Temple: America under the Federal Reserve System," Andre Eggelletion reveals facts about how the American economy operates that every American deserves to know. He establishes a historical perspective, by discussing the definitions and functions of money, and how the idea of a central banking system evolved through American history.

List Price: $14.95
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Americans are currently living in a national security state. Freedom, privacy, and dissent in America are being suppressed in the name of national security. Illegal domestic spying is violating our civil liberties. Everyday that the war in Iraq continues we are sacrificing peace in order to maintain peace.

“Where the Right went Wrong” is a book no concerned American can afford to ignore. Once more Mr. Eggelletion has led the way in unflinching examination of our political system. It is time all Americans followed his path.

List Price: $14.95

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Cracking The Code by Peter E. Hendrickson

Misunderstanding The Internal Revenue Code Costs Americans Around A Trillion Dollars Every Year.

For the 64 years of its existence, the U. S. Internal Revenue Code has been ridiculed, feared and despised by virtually everyone. And why not? As presented by the Internal Revenue Service, the code appears illogical, inconsistent and incomprehensible. As presented, the code defies practically the entire Bill of Rights– requiring citizens to testify against themselves, allowing searches and seizures without warrants, levying fines and penalties without trials and imposing a tax on the basic right to earn a living. As presented, the IRC would appear to turn everything we all thought we had learned in grade school English and Civics on its head.

Is it possible that we all just misunderstood those simple lessons? Maybe. But researcher, analyst and scholar Peter E. Hendrickson believes that after Cracking the Code, you’ll agree that what has been misunderstood is the 3,413,780 word monstrosity itself– and how, and to whom, it applies.

Hendrickson delves deep into the history, statutes and case law behind the Code to reveal its startling and liberating secrets; and unless you live in a cave, you need to know what he’s uncovered.

Once you’ve finished “Cracking the Code”, the tax laws will never mean the same thing to you, or your bank account, again!

List Price: $24.95 + S&H

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Cracking the Code Companion CD by Peter E. Hendrickson

* A complete, searchable Internal Revenue Code (January, 2006 edition)
* The federal regulations for Title 26 (26 CFR)
* The Major Revenue Acts of 1862, 1864, 1865, 1867, 1870,1872, 1873 (Revised Statutes), 1878, 1894, 1909, 1913, 1921, 1924, 1926, 1928, 1932, 1934, 1935 and 1938 (some relevantly excerpted)
* The Federal Reserve Act
* The Social Security Act of 1935
* The text of the 1939 IRC
* (Some tables are not included, but the all-important appendix, which reveals the statutes represented in the codes, is.)
* The Public Salary Tax Act
* The Current Tax Payment Act of 1943
* The text of the 1954 IRC
* (some tables and appendix materials are not included)
* An 1862 tax return
* A 1913 Form 1040 and instructions
* The Internal Revenue Service Master File Codes
* Adam Smith on 'Capitations'
* The Magna Carta
* The Northwest Ordinance
* The Articles of Confederation
* The United States Constitution
* The Federalist Papers
* The Declaration of Independence
* The Records of the Constitutional Convention
* Numerous key Supreme Court rulings
* Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition
* ‘The Collection Due Process Handbook’, (Notice CC-2006-019) of the IRS Office of Chief Counsel
* Key IRS Office of Chief Counsel Memoranda
...and much, much more!

List Price: $19.95

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Upholding The Law by Peter E. Hendrickson

Does the United States Constitution authorize federal control over the private possession of firearms?
Who is actually commanded to silence by the McCain-Feingold ‘Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act’?
Are “reasonable” searches permitted without a warrant under the terms of the Fourth Amendment?
What is the authority of a jury to judge the law as well as the facts, with or without the cooperation of the court?

List Price: $24.95 + S&H

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Was Grandpa Really A Moron? by Peter E. Hendrickson

NEW from Pete Hendrickson, the man who Cracked the Code of the United States "income" tax!
'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?' Picks up where 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About The Income Tax' leaves off.

In this new volume, you'll learn about:
* The in-depth, real story behind the Sixteenth Amendment;
* A simple little model of just how the "income" tax works;
* Cognitive stumbling blocks exploited by tax agencies against liberation-seeking Americans;
* The disturbing relationship between the "income" tax and the Federal Reserve;
* Why tax reform ideas like the "Fair Tax" are not only unnecessary, but completely counter-productive and even dangerous;
* Why the "income" tax is what it is, and has to be;
* The truth about common myths and misunderstandings within the "tax honesty" movement;
* How to think clearly about the tax, the law in general, and the voracious state;
* A sordid little passport application scam revealed;
* How to know if you're in denial about the current crisis in America;
* Whether the Constitution is going to save you, or is it the other way around?
* The truth about paper "money; government schools; the Second Amendment...
...and much, much more!

List Price: $24.95 + S&H

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Citizens Rule Book  Quality pocket sized hardcopies!

The Citizens Rule Book is divided into three sections. The first section deals with the rights of juries, the second section discusses the alleged views of American founders regarding jury trials, and the third section summarizes important founding documents of the United States.

List Price: $1.00 each + S&H

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Bulk Purchases: 10 for $7.50 + S&H
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PSI Spies By Jim Marrs

Psi Spies takes you behind the scenes of the U.S. Army's formerly top-secret remote viewing unit to see how the military has used this psychic ability as a tool and a weapon. Even though remote viewing was developed by various tax-supported government agencies, including the CIA, most Americans have never heard of this faculty.

From insights into our future to the continuing mysteries of UFOs and crop circles, no subject has been immune to the military remote viewers - America's Psi Spies. And now, in this book, you can also find tips on how to remote view on your own.

List Price: $15.99 S&H

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs

Throw out everything you think you know about history. Close the approved textbooks, turn off the corporate mass media, and whatever you do, don't believe anything you hear from the government—The Rise of the Fourth Reich reveals the truth about American power. In this explosive new book, the legendary Jim Marrs, author of the underground bestseller Rule by Secrecy, reveals the frighteningly real possibility that today the United States is becoming the Fourth Reich, the continuation of an ideology thought to have been vanquished more than a half century ago.

This concept may seem absurd to those who cannot see past the rose-colored spin, hype, and disinformation poured out daily by the media conglomerates—most of which are owned by the very same families and corporations who supported the Nazis before World War II. But as Marrs precisely explains, National Socialism never died, but rather its hideous philosophy is alive and active in modern America. Unfortunately, most people cannot understand the shadowy links between fascism and corporate power, the military, and our elected leaders.

While the United States helped defeat the Germans in World War II, we failed to defeat the Nazis. At the end of the war, ranking Nazis, along with their young and fanatical protégés, used the loot of Europe to create corporate front companies in many countries, including the United States of America. Utilizing their stolen wealth, men with Nazi backgrounds and mentalities wormed their way into corporate America, slowly buying up and consolidating companies into giant multinational conglomerates. Many thousands of other Nazis came to the United States under classified programs such as Project Paperclip. They brought with them miraculous weapon technology that helped win the space race but they also brought their insidious Nazi philosophy within our borders. This ideology based on the authoritarian premise that the end justifies the means—including unprovoked wars of aggression and curtailment of individual liberties—has gained an iron hold in the "land of the free and the home of the brave."

For the first time Jim Marrs has gathered compelling evidence that an effort has been underway for the past sixty years to bring a form of National Socialism to modern America, creating in essence a modern empire—or "Fourth Reich"!

List Price: $25.95 + S&H

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DUMP THE INCUMBENTS! By Michael Boyd and Paul Frey
26 reasons from A-Z

Provocative and poignant, Dump the Incumbents! is a call to political action. Incumbency, the disease of democracy, has slowly smothered our system of government. By removing political incumbents, regardless of party affiliation, we can peacefully and forcefully restore the balance of power in favor of the people. There are twenty-six reasons, from A-Z, why we must begin to reclaim control of our nation—from the arrogance (A) of incumbents to the squalor in the political zoo (Z). The time for change is now. Dump the Incumbents! provides the framework for decisive action. Be a patriot and dump the incumbents on Election Day.

Businessmen PAUL FREY and MICHAEL FREY are providing concerned citizens’ with the most perfect tool to facilitate letters to any level elected representatives and/or "Letters-to-the-Editor" to distinctly make your mandate known - the absolute letter perfect A-Z guide: Make your message count!
- Marie Gunther, Program and Guest Producer of “The Power Hour with Joyce & Dave”

Dump the Incumbents! is a thought-provoking series of alphabetical essays designed to alert us – We, the People – to the relentless ravage and plunder of our beloved country by greedy, selfish and corrupt politicians; while providing an answer to how we can right the ship. Powerful, yet witty, Dump the Incumbents! is a must read for every true citizen of our great country.

-Peter Hess, author of the Gohan thriller books

List Price: $12.95 + S&H

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The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy by David Icke

This book investigates and examines many subjects and aspects of the "conspiracy" and "connects the dots". The picture that appears once you understand how it all fits together is astounding. This is the book that will wake up the masses and reveal at last in an undeniable way the incredible level of control a covert and evil controlling force has had over humanity for thousands of years. It shows how they manipulate your reality using advanced but hidden knowledge so you are little more that slaves who think you're free and are doing exactly what you're covertly told to.

Paperback: 500 pages

List Price: $35.00 + S&H

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The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope by Richard Mack

Sheriff Mack's newest book covers decades of research to prove once and for all that the sheriffs in this country are indeed the ultimate law authority in their respective jurisdictions. The sheriff absolutely has the power and responsibility to defend his citizens against all enemies, including those from our own Federal Government. History, case law, common law and common sense all show clear evidence that the sheriff is the people's protector in all issues of injustice and is responsible for keeping the peace in all matters. He is the last line of defense for his constituents; he is America's last hope to regain our forgotten freedom. This short but powerful book is a must read for all citizens, sheriffs, and government officials that we may all work to return America to the constitutional republic she was meant to be. Amazing as it might be, the sheriff can make this happen!"

List Price: $10.00 + S&H

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The Magic of Gun Control by Sheriff Richard Mack

It has become an epidemic in America: The knee-jerk reaction to every instance of violence or mayhem is a cry for more gun control. This is an issue that is rarely split along party lines; underneath it all, it is and always has been THE FREEDOM LOVERS vs THE POWER SEEKERS. This book will examine the constitutional, historical, and foundational basis of gun control and those leaders who have embraced it. It expresses a practical view of gun ownership and emphasizes the laws and views of those who first wrote the Bill of Rights, which guarantees the right of all law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.

Does gun control reduce crime and thereby make us safer? Does gun control pose any risks to our safety or security? Is gun control lawful and constitutional?
When we honestly come to understand the answers to these three questions, we will see how today's polimagicians and their distractingly beautiful assistants – the mainstream media – create elaborate performances designed to fool us into giving up the one freedom that will allow all other freedoms to be taken away.

List Price: $20.00 + S&H

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From My Cold Dead Fingers: Why America Needs Guns (Paperback)
by Richard Mack & Timothy Walters

Why America Needs Guns

Sheriff Mack clearly outlines why the unrestricted right of the people as individuals "to keep and bear arms" is essential to the preservation of both individual liberty and domestic tranquility. Mack reminds us of facts that were self-evident to earlier generations of Americans, but which are all but forgotten in today's climate of incessant cries for more gun control. Concise and compelling, this book is an indispensable resource for any lover of freedom. This is one of the most essential books ever written on the Second Amendment.

List Price: $14.95 + S&H

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Are you a David? By Sheriff Richard Mack

In this sequel to the extremely popular “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” Sheriff Mack explains how not just sheriffs, but every public official, peace officer and citizen can stand in the cause of Liberty. A portion of this book is dedicated to giving history and a firsthand account of the recent BLM seige on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

A lot has happened in the last five years to make this second book necessary. It's truly amazing: the people I've met, the places I've been and the things I've experienced since writing The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope . Thus, my desire to share some of that with you in this sequel. I'd also like to tell you some of the lame-brained excuses I've heard from sheriffs and others for NOT standing up when they should have. If some of what I have to say here makes them a little hot under the collar, so be it!

List Price:  $12.00 + S&H

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Invisible History Afghanistan's Untold Story: The Real Story Behind the Propaganda by Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald

Invisible History presents a fresh, comprehensive analysis of Afghanistan's political history that begins at the roots of tribal leadership and ultimately emphasizes our current political moment and the impact of ongoing U.S. military intervention. Fitzgerald and Gould tell the real story of how the U.S. came to be in Afghanistan and what we can expect next.

List Price: $18.95 + S&H

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The C.I.A. Doctors Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists By: Colin A. Ross, M.D.

In The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists, Dr. Ross provides proof, based on 15,000 pages of documents obtained from the C.I.A. through the Freedom of Information Act, that there have been pervasive, systematic violations of human rights by American psychiatrists over the last 65 years. As well, he proves that the Manchurian Candidate "super spy" is fact, not fiction. He describes the experiments conducted by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and new memories in the minds of experimental subjects.

The funding of the experiments by the C.I.A., Army, Navy and Air Force is proven by the C.I.A. documents and the doctors' own publications. The C.I.A. Doctors proves that there were extensive violations of human rights by psychiatrists in North America throughout the second half of the twentieth century, perpetrated not by a few renegade doctors, but by leading psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacologists, neurosurgeons and medical schools.

The C.I.A. Doctors was originally published in 2000 as BLUEBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality By Psychiatrists.

List Price: $22.95 + S&H

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DVD: A Noble Lie: A myth or untruth knowingly told by the elite to maintain social harmony, or the social position of the elite. – The Republic, Plato

The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. For those watching the nightly news, Terrorism had come home. For years following the bombing, countless victims’ family members, survivors, rescuers, and ordinary Americans, have questioned the official accounts about that fateful day.

Hoping to shed light on answers long ignored and censored, both by prominent media outlets and the U.S. government, A Noble Lie peels back what we thought we knew about the bombing and it’s perpetrators. This film exposes information never before examined or brought to the attention of the American public.

A Noble Lie is the culmination of years of research and documentation conducted by independent journalists, scholars, and ordinary citizens. Often risking their personal safety and sanity, they have gathered evidence which threatens to expose the startling reality of what exactly occurred at 9:02 am on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City.

Utilizing footage and eyewitness testimony, previously unseen, A Noble Lie will change forever the way you look at the true nature of terrorism.

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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by Patt Shannan

The media are among the “THEY” who are telling us lies . . .And in an engaging new book, AFP correspondent Pat Shannan lays it all out in no uncertain terms . . . His title says it all . . . EVERYTHING THEY* EVER TOLD ME WAS A LIE.

Finally completing a work that took four years, intermittently, between exposing false history for THE BARNES REVIEW and weekly investigative reporting for AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Shannan has scored again! In fact, the final manuscript he sent was so big that we had to slice it in half and make it into two volumes. Volume One is a blockbuster, spanning the past half century and covering the unknown facts about the JFK assassination and the still-growing Apollo 11 controversy of the 1960s to 9-11 and the Obama citizenship hoaxes of current times. (We hope Volume Two will follow soon.)

Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie explains from the outset exactly who “They” are (only the newest of AFP readers wouldn’t already know) and how a cooperative news media, by ignoring facts and refusing to address pertinent questions, allow outrageous lies to meld into definite, indisputable truths.

List Price: $25.00 + S&H

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The Singing Revolution Book
by Priit Vesilind with filmmakers James and Maureen Tusty
English Language

Based on the film, and written by noted National Geographic author Priit Vesilind with James and Maureen Tusty. Includes more than 150 photographs.

“An inspiring story that you will never forget. A courageous people showed the world that Soviet tanks were no match for Estonian song.” James Freeman, The Wall Street Journal

The Singing Revolution tells the moving story of a people's non-violent and dramatic march to regain their freedom--while helping to topple an empire along the way. Based on the acclaimed film, and written by noted National Geographic author Priit Vesilind with filmmakers James and Maureen Tusty. Includes more than 150 photographs.

This is a must read for people interested in seeing how change can be manifested through peaceful methods--in rejection of violent means.

List Price: $34.95 + S&H

Coupon Code:

Forever 1776 by Daniel Brigman

The Solutions to Today's Problems Lie in our Revolutionary Past!

“This book will change your feelings about America Forever!”

The Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence –
These documents define our country and protect our rights and freedoms. However, today’s endless debates over political dogma divide Americans, making us lose focus on the true founding principles located within them.

In his new book, Forever 1776, Daniel Brigman exposes the truth about the foundation of the United States of America to everyone in what could be the most important political book you read this year.

Forever 1776 will expose all Americans to the truth behind key people and events from America’s past that schools do not teach and the government seems anxious to cover up.

Brigman makes the connection between the heaven-inspired ideals and principles of the past with the corrupt and lawless present, allowing patriots everywhere to step up to their responsibility to replace political deception with America’s amazing heritage.

The United States of America is under attack, so arm yourself with information found inside Forever 1776.
Forever 1776 looks at several important issues and events from our Revolutionary past and contrasts them with today’s corrupt political agenda.

Readers will learn:
• How schools are failing to teach the vital truth about the pivotal year 1776 and the government is deliberately covering up or changing the facts about this  vital turning point in forming our great society.
• How the founding fathers really felt about the Revolutionary War and the U.S. Government, and what they would think about America today.
• How the U.S. Government lies to American citizens and promotes unfavorable political agendas to distract citizens from focusing on more important issues.
• How today’s political documents, such as the UN Charter, compare to founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence.
• Why the banking industry is being used as an instrument of control and how the founding fathers warned future generations about it.
• How politicians continually usurp their authority and attack efforts of citizens who seek to uphold the Constitution.

Those who call themselves patriots can no longer stand by and allow corruption and evil to continue to ruin the country. Only when God is invited back into our government will the United States of America truly return to its place as the greatest nation on earth
Use Forever 1776 as a light of truth to help restore our worthy political heritage.

List Price: $17.76 + S&H

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