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The Power of Sound How to Manage Your Personal Soundscape for a Vital, Productive, and Healthy Life
By Joshua Leeds

Discover firsthand in this book/CD set the powerful effects sound has on you and learn to customize your own soundscape for a better quality of life.

• Sound pioneer Joshua Leeds shows how to use music to reduce stress, enhance learning, improve performance, and address conditions as diverse as dyslexia and depression.

• Includes accompanying CD featuring musical examples designed to induce specific mental states such as relaxation, receptivity, concentration, and creativity.

• Includes detailed guides for musicians and healthcare professionals

What we hear--and how we process it--has a far greater impact on our daily living than we realize. From the womb to the moment we die we are inescapably surrounded by sound, and what we hear can either energize or deplete our nervous systems. It is no exaggeration to say that what goes into our ears can harm us or heal us.

In The Power of Sound Joshua Leeds explores the importance of healthy auditory function. He investigates how noise- or stress-induced auditory dysfunction may result in difficulties in learning, communication, and social interactions, and he explains new techniques designed to invigorate auditory skills. The accompanying CD of psychoacoustically refined classical music provides immediate examples of the benefits of music explained in the book. Readers can experience the effects of a variety of sounds and begin the life-enhancing design of their own soundscapes.

Table of Contents

List Price: $25.00 + S&H

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For a past presentation with JOSHUA LEEDS on “ThePowerHour with Joyce & Dave” please visit http://www.M2Ktalk.net  archives: April 6, 2005 – 2nd hour

Optimal Digestive Health: A Complete Guide
Edited by Trent W. Nichols M.D.
Edited by Nancy Faass MSW, MPH

NEW Revised Edition of Optimal Digestion
Quality Paperback
Page Count: 608; 6.00 (width) x 9.00 (height)
12 B&W Illustrations

A comprehensive and integrative approach to achieving digestive health using mainstream, complementary, and alternative therapies

* Offers complete information on herbal and homeopathic remedies, supplements, diets, medical tests, and environmental toxin reduction

* Includes a step-by-step diet to help readers moderate their carbohydrate intake and balance blood sugar levels

* Contains effective therapies for 30 digestive disorders, from candida to ulcers

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 90 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders. Drawing on the expertise of 25 practitioners, Optimal Digestive Health explores the symptoms, possible causes, medical testing, and effective treatments for 30 digestive disorders, from candida and colitis to ulcers. In addition, the authors explain the role digestion plays in many other health conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, mood swings, immune function, and skin problems. They provide clear information on detoxification, food allergies, and environmental factors, as well as meditation, qigong, and yoga. A step-by-step diet is offered to help readers moderate their carbohydrate intake and balance their blood sugar—keys to health and weight loss. Optimal Digestive Health demystifies the use of herbal therapies, acupuncture, biofeedback, and Ayurveda in the treatment of digestive disorders, pairing the best of mainstream medicine and complementary therapies with intelligent self-care for an integrated patient-centered approach to healing.

List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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About the Author(s) of Optimal Digestive Health: A Complete Guide
Trent W. Nichols, M.D., is an internist, nutritionist, and gastroenterologist with more than 30 years of clinical experience. He is the founder and director of the Center for Nutritional Digestive Disorders and also the Advanced Magnetic Research Institute in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Nancy Faass, MSW, MPH, is coauthor of several books on health and medicine, including The Germ Survival Guide, Boosting Immunity, and Integrating Complementary Medicine into Health Systems. She lives in San Francisco.

MSM: On Our Way Back to Health With Sulfer
by Beth M. Ley, Ph.D.

Sulfur, the third largest substance in the body, IS the forgotten nutrient!

MSM stands for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane), a rich source of organic sulfur and the 3rd largest existing mineral in our bodies important for connective tissue regeneration. The body uses sulfur to continually create new healthy cells to
replace old ones. Without it, the body will produce weak dysfunctional cells. Sulfur deficiencies are associated with slow wound healing, brittle nails and hair, gastrointestinal problems, inflammatory problems, scar tissue, lung dysfunction, and immune dysfunction.

Beneficial for arthritis and other joint problems, allergies, asthma, skin problems, TMJ, periodontal conditions, pain relief, and much more! Includes important "How to use" directions. 40 Pages.

List Price: $3.95 + S&H

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For a past presentation with Dr. Beth Ley on “The Power Hour with Joyce & Dave” please visit http://www.M2Ktalk.net  archives:
September 14, 2005 - 2nd & 3rd Hrs.

Vinpocetine: Boost Your Brain Power with Periwinkle Extract! By Beth M. Ley, PhD.

Vinpocetine, the extract of the periwinkle plant, has hundreds of clinical trials demonstrating its effectiveness for both the elderly and younger individuals. These studies show this important botanical has the following effects:
* Increase cerebral blood flow
* Improve cerebral metabolism
* Increase use of glucose and oxygen in the brain
* Increase serotonin levels which is important for sleep, appetite and mood
* Benefit tinnitus and other causes of impaired hearing
* Benefit conditions related to insufficient blood flow to the brain:
Vertigo, Sleep Difficulties, Mood Changes, Depression

In addition, aging, exposure to brain toxins, nutritional deficiencies & other factors contribute to memory loss & deterioration of other mental capabilities. Research shows certain nutrients & phytochemicals (Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, Huperzine-A, Pregnenolone, Phospholipids, DHA, Bacopa Monniera, Ginkgo Biloba, etc.) improve short & long term memory, increase mental acuity & concentration, improve learning abilities & mental stamina, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, mood, vision & hearing.

List Price: $4.95 + S&H

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Health Benefits of Probiotics

Dr. S.K. Dash, Dr. Allen Spreen,
Dr. Beth M. Ley, Ph.D.,

Probiotics aid in the maintenance of the healthy balance of intestinal flora. Probiotics are a normal & important constituent of the intestinal tract & body with important functions: Improve digestion, cholesterol levels, immune system; Correct digestive disorders, ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases, lactose intolerance, candidiasis/yeast infections; Help prevent colon cancer; Reduce side effects of antibiotics & more!

List Price: $4.95 + S&H

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Candida Albicans

Could Yeast Be Your Problem By Leon Chaitow, D.O., N.D.

The revised and updated guide to the health problems caused by yeast infection that shows how to determine if yeast is your problem and, if so, how to control it

• Includes the author's latest research and clinical experience for yeast detection and drug-free treatment

• Over 36,000 copies sold to date

Candida albicans is a yeast that exists inside all of us. Normally it presents no problems, but today's widespread use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, contraceptive pills, and steroids, as well as a sugar-rich diet, can cause a proliferation of this parasitic yeast. This can often be the root cause of a wide variety of problems such as depression, anxiety, irritability, bloatedness, heartburn, tiredness, allergies, acne, migraine, cystitis, and menstrual problems. Leon Chaitow, using the latest research and his own clinical experience, shows how to determine if yeast is your problem and provides a comprehensive, non-drug program for its control.

About the Author of Candida Albicans

Leon Chaitow, D.O.,N.D., osteopath, naturopath, and acupuncturist, is a leading practitioner in the field of holistic medicine and has written a wide range of health books, including The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain, Amino Acids in Therapy, and Soft Tissue Manipulation. He lives in England.

List Price: $10.95 + S&H

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