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Health Books XIII

The Power of Probiotics: Secrets to Great Health by Natasha Trenev

"The Power of Probiotics" Secrets to Great Health. This beautiful full color book is the first in the educational series, Probiotic Health Guides, from world renowned probiotic expert and author, Natasha Trenev. This easy-to read book unlocks her 40 years of empowering probiotic knowledge. Begin your enjoyable journey to better health with "The Power of Probiotics" Secrets to Great Health.

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List Price: $19.95 + S&H

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The Sinus Cure by Debrah Fulgum Bruce & Dr. Murray Grossan, M.D.

7 Easy Steps to get rid of your ear, nose, and throat problems with a minimum of drugs and surgery.
(New edition revised & updated to include the newest treatments.)

By relying on a multidisciplinary approach that combines some tried-and-true treatments with a few new approaches, Bruce and Grossan believe that most patients can control, even cure, their sinus problems.

In this comprehensive, well-organized new guide, the authors recommend a comprehensive healing program designed around seven steps: making a correct diagnosis, using nasal irrigation, considering complementary treatments, cleaning the air, eating right, reducing stress, and choosing effective medical treatments. The book's introductory chapter thoroughly explores the causes and types of sinusitis as well as its link to other respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies. Thoughtful chapters on the value of holistic treatments, herbal remedies, and good nutrition provide welcome direction for patients interested in natural medicine. The treatment of ear and throat complications is also addressed in detail. While the object of this book is to help the patient avoid surgery, Grossan and Bruce do concede that sometimes it's the only cure for really debilitating conditions. Their final chapter explores this option--why it might be necessary and how to prepare for it.

List Price: $16.00 + S&H

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Perfect Eyesight By Robert A. Zuraw & Robert T. Lewanski

From legal blindness without glasses to 20-20 vision.

The most important vision improvement discoveries of the 21st century. The Perfect Eyesight Training System™ took over 40 years of research, practice and testing. Discover the real secrets of how you can attain Perfect Eyesight without glasses or surgery.

There are many books written on eyesight improvement and holistic health. However, awaiting you is a rare experience! Never before has a book been written encompassing the health-connection relationship between body, mind, and eyes. Eastern cultures and religions do not separate the body, mind, and spirit. They see the person and the whole of existence as ONE. What effects one part, affects the whole. They have practiced and taught a holistic view of health and the universe for thousands of years. The word health means to be whole and complete in body, mind and spirit. This holistic view of life also includes the eyes, which they consider to be “the windows of the soul.”

Here in this enlightening, inspiring and informative book you will discover long-lost formulas and secret eye-health teachings. These secrets have been taught by masters, holistic health practitioners, eye specialists and eye doctors throughout the ages.

List Price:
$25.00 + S&H  

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The Great American Health Hoax By Raymond Francis

A chemist and a graduate of MIT, Raymond exposes the truth about why the conventional approaches to health and disease aren't working. In The Great American Health Hoax, Francis blends wisdom from his previous books with new information and research, then he pulls out all the stops and creates a simple roadmap to health so that you can get well, stay well and never be sick again.
Francis believes that, through education, we can put an end to the epidemic of chronic disease while providing a solution to the biggest social and economic problem of this century—the costs of global aging.
In The Great American Health Hoax, Francis exposes the truth about how to stay healthy and introduces us to a way of life that can become a "highway to health", while he quite effectively demonstrates that we really don't have to be sick. Then, he reminds us that not only is there absolutely no fun in being sick, but we are going broke trying to pay the cost. Francis realizes that the only solution for individuals and society as a whole is to maintain health. But health is a solution that we must choose, and once we make that choice, we must learn how to achieve it.
Fortunately, learning how to be healthy has never been easier—The Great American Health Hoax makes it simple. Because the human organism is a magnificent self-regulating, self-repairing system, it is capable of being completely functional and in excellent health for well over 100 years of vital, productive life. We are the sum of everything that goes into our system – it is our job to support it. When we make the choice to properly care for ourselves, our bodies will reward us with the gift of good health and long life. All we need is a tool to help us master the elements of health that are the most important. This book is that tool. It will empower you to choose health and never be sick again!

List Price: $14.95 + S&H  

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Never Feel Old Again by Raymond Francis

In this book, Raymond Francis explains, just like an automobile, the body ages as a result of accumulated repair deficits, or a lack of maintenance. Fortunately, the human body is a self-repairing system, and in this latest book, Francis shows readers how to stay in good repair and keep the aging process at bay. His revolutionary approach counters the one-size-fits-all approach of most conventional anti-aging treatments on the market by targeting specific imbalances that manifest through "aging" symptoms. Botox injections, plastic surgery, and even hormone-replacement therapies don't yield meaningful results because they fail to activate the body's self-repair mechanisms; what's more, sometimes these treatments compound the problem by introducing additional toxins into the body. Never Feel Old Again provides a fundamental understanding of why we experience accelerated aging and teaches readers to look and feel their best and be healthy at any age.

List Price: $14.95 + S&H  

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Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis with Kester Cotton

One day Raymond Francis, a chemist and a graduate of MIT, found himself in a hospital, battling for his life. The diagnosis: acute chemical hepatitis, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, and several autoimmune syndromes, causing him to suffer fatigue, dizziness, impaired memory, heart palpitations, diarrhea, numbness, seizures and numerous other ailments. Knowing death was imminent unless he took action, Francis decided to research solutions for his disease himself. His findings and eventual recovery led him to conclude that almost all disease can be both prevented and reversed. In Never Be Sick Again, Francis presents a seminal work based on these findings - a revolutionary theory of health and disease: there is only one disease (malfunctioning cells), only two causes of disease (deficiency and toxicity), and six pathways to health and disease (nutrition, toxins, psychological, physical, genetic, and medical). This remarkable book answers the questions: What is health? What is disease? Why do people get sick? How can disease be prevented? How can it be reversed? It will teach readers, in one easy lesson, an entirely new way to look at health and disease - an approach that is easy to understand, yet so powerful that they may, indeed, never have to be sick again. Providing a basic understanding of health and disease, this book takes the mystery out of disease. It provides readers, no matter what their present physical condition, a holistic approach to living that will empower them to get well - and stay well.

List Price: $14.95 + S&H

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Never Be Fat Again by Raymond Francis

For anyone who battles the bulge, whether it is the dreaded five pounds or significant weight loss, Never Be Fat Again offers a refreshing and effective new lifestyle approach to weight control that is truly revolutionary. Most weight-loss books are not worth the paper they’re printed on because they are scientifically and nutritionally unsound. As a result, permanent weight control remains an impossible dream for most people. Never Be Fat Again is a different approach. It offers a scientifically and nutritionally sound program for fighting fat at its source—within the cells—that almost guarantees permanent weight loss.

Look around you—diets don’t work! The secret is in understanding that overweight is a disease. Weight-loss diets don't work because you cannot cure this disease by trying to lose weight—the weight is merely a symptom, and this symptom will come back unless you eliminate the underlying disease. Never Be Fat Again gives you the keys to permanently break the fat cycle in just six weeks. The trick is in turning on your cells to take off the pounds and Raymond Francis, the well-known author of Never Be Sick Again, a national sensation that helped thousands to achieve better health, takes you on a step-by-step journey toward weight loss and health gain.

In this breakthrough book, readers will see why low-fat, no-fat products can actually make you fatter. They'll discover how a missing nutrient can signal their bodies to store fat. Plus, they will learn the truth about how common chemical toxins, found in processed foods, alter the expression of weight-control genes and pack on pounds. The body already knows how to balance its weight. It just needs a fighting chance. With its simple concept of one disease, two causes and six pathways, Never Be Fat Again shows how to give it that chance.

List Price: $14.95 + S&H
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Never Fear CANCER Again (by) Raymond Francis M.SC
Is there a cure for cancer?

Despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research, the "War on Cancer" has been a colossal failure. Various factors that I talk about in Never Fear Cancer Again are involved, but fundamentally conventional medicine looks at cancer from the wrong perspective and as a result asks the wrong questions.

Conventional medicine views cancer as a thing, and they ask how can it be killed or removed. But cancer isn't a thing you can cut, poison or burn -- it is a biological process affecting the entire body.

When you cut the cancer out or kill cancer cells, you haven't addressed the cause; therefore the cancer will most often come back. "Cure" is defined in cancer treatment as "alive 5 years after diagnosis." Do you consider that a cure? I don't. Cure means the cancer doesn't return, ever!

The breakthrough in Never Fear Cancer Again is to think about cancer in a new way -- as a process. Once you understand this process, you can see how to turn it off -- just like turning off a lamp in your living room! Once you learn what to do to turn off the process and keep it turned off, the cancer will not return. Now that's what I call a cure!

Buy one for yourself and a loved one or anyone else concerned about getting cancer or dealing with cancer now.

List Price: $14.95 +S&H

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The Body Heals by William Ferril

Several memorable events were the inspiration for writing this book. Early on I could only come with five reasons for cellular deterioration. In the second year, it became clear that there was evidence for a total of seven mechanisms for how the body ages.

The Seven Paths to an Old Body
1. Poor informational substance content
2. Rusting processes
3. Hardening processes
4. Low voltage cell syndrome
5. Deficient and/or excessive molecular building parts
6. Failure to take out the cellular trash water
7. A preponderance of energies that maim compared to the energies that heal

Combating these seven processes is fundamental to achieving lasting health. This manual facilitates the reader on ways to begin accessing and applying seven correcting principles that the holism of science revealed long ago.

It is also important to not get overly frustrated when a concept is not clear. Chances are it will be explained later in a way the reader can understand.

At the end of this manual there is a chapter for putting the entire proceeding chapters into practice beginning with a more complete inquiry as to where an owner stands regarding the seven processes in the context of the physical exam. By the time the reader makes it to this section of the manual these principles will make more sense.

List Price: $40.00 + S&H

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Kids Need Care by Judy K. Gray, M.S.

This is the most thorough and informative nutrition book available. Powerful reading, it brings home, literally, all that you need to know to nourish the body but also the spirit/soul with sound nutrition and good mental practices. Learn how to use potent raw and natural nutritional supplements and also food to feed your body like never before. You'll feel better after applying only one of Ms. Gray's pearls of wisdom. Enjoy the power of her words and bring good care and God's blessings right away into your life. 335 Pages.

List Price:
$24.95 +S&H

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Natural Remedies Encyclopedia - SEVENTH EDITION
Heritage Edition
By Vance H. Ferrell & Harold M. Cherne, M.D.
Enlarged—Several New Chapters

A Lifetime Investment In Lowest-Cost health Care
The simple, inexpensive remedies of nature were given by God for our healing obedience to his laws brings blessings.

Over 11,000 inexpensive home remedies, covers over 730 diseases and disorders! More than 7000 cross references. Now with over 570 color pictures.

Guarding The Home For Years To Come

* Has 1,224 pages and covers over 730 diseases and disorders. (Most books of this type only touch on 80 to 125.)
* It provides full coverage of herbs, hydro-therapy, nutrition, and has a full-color cover painting and two colors on every page of the book.
* Complete page cross-referencing throughout the book, so the reader can instantly turn to related information; six "Find It Fast" pages and they are in multi-colors;
* A full-sized "Women's Section", containing seven chapters;

Practical, low-cost things you can do at home to take care of yourself and your loved ones. The best folk remedies of earlier generations combined with modern medical and nutritional facts. Based on research, personal medical practice, plus the drugless, natural remedies of seven leading medical specialists of earlier times: R.T. Trall, MD, John Harvey Kellogg, MD, J.C. Jackson, MD, John H. Tilden, MD, Jethro Kloss, Hubert O. Swartout, MD, and F.M. Rossiter, MD.

The sections on hydrotherapy and other remedial treatments are based on the writings of 13 medical authorities. The sections on herbal medicine are based on the writings of 6 authorities.

This Encyclopedia will come with 2 FREE books…so you MUST remember the size and weight of this package! Total shipping weight of the 3 books will be about 9 lbs.
UPS or USPS flat rate of books only will be $15.00. With UPS adjust accordingly for the weight of other items on order as you would do anyway.
USPS flat rate books with OTHER items UP TO 20 LBS will be $18.00 and you MUST add more insurance if total cost is over $100. (Add $1 per every $100 AFTER the first $100…so if $300 the cost of S&H would be $20.00)
CANADA USPS medium flat rate of the 3 books only will be $27.00
CANADA USPS large flat rate UP TO 20 LBS will be $36.00.

List Price: Regular $135.00 but OUR LOW Price $79.99 + S&H

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